EAF COPPER Components

Improving EAF performance with right materials

Electrode Contact Pad

Water Cooled Cable

Water-cooled cables are now being used for the melting arc furnace and the melting induction furnace. ATS Metalurji is working with  leading manufacturers in this field, is supplying reliable and high quality water-cooled cables, utilizing to the full its vast experience and research, and is achieving highly satisfactory results. ATS Metalurji Water-Cooled Cables are in great demand not only inTurkey, but also from overseas, and are contributing to the optimum operation of electric furnaces all over the world.

EBT Burner & Pannel

A newly designed oxygen wall-mounted supersonic nozzle generating a focused stream of oxygen that maintains its supersonic velocity for more that 2 meters without using a flame shroud. This allows to generate the benefits of conventional sidewall flame-shrouded injectors without the need for gaseous fuel, thus reducing the operational cost of EAF operations, when predominant flat bath conditions eliminate the need for the burner function.

Shell Burner & Pannel

Together with new panel design you gain the ability to install the panel close enough to the steel bath for good decarburization but minimize the distance the panel protrudes into the furnace. With a lower profile in the EAF, there is less chance of damaging the panel during the charging process. The small size of the panel also allows for easy installation and removal from the furnace sidewalls.


Re-sheathing, replacement or recovery of conductors, terminals or parts thereof. ATS Metalurji guarantees your productivity by minimizing down-time of your cables by a fast and customized answer.ATS Metalurji can repair cables regardless of their design or brand.


Manufacturer company  has 50 technicians and 15 of them have senior designations. And have strong ability to develop products of various materials and sizes (Square, Rectangular, Round, NonStandard and Beam Blanks, with range from the smallest of 50x50mm to the largest of Dia. 1200mm round tubes, 500x500mm Square tubes, 120×650 rectangular tubes). Strong technical R&D abilities can meet the customers demand to the maximum extent.

Cu-Cr-Zr is a kind of copper alloys which can be normalized by time. It has excellent mechanical property under both room temperature and high temperature. It has high heat conductivity, melting point, anti-fatigue and anti heat stress properties.  These outstanding features make it different from the previous copper alloys. It combines all good properties together. But compared with other copper alloys, Cu-Cr-Zr is difficult to be formed with higher products costs.

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