Induction Billet Heater



Induction Billet Heater

Induction heating is a method used to heat metals for forging and other applications. Compared with more traditional heating methods, such as gas or electric furnaces, induction heating delivers heating power directly to the piece in a more controlled way and allows for a faster processing time.

The Induction Heating of a Steel Billet application can be used to design a simple induction heating system for a steel billet, consisting of one or more electromagnetic coils through which the billet is moved at a constant velocity. The coils are energized with alternating currents and induce eddy currents in the metallic billet, generating heat due to Joule heating. The billet cross section; the coil number, placement, and size; as well as the initial and ambient temperature and the individual coil currents can all be specified as inputs in the app.

Main Equipment List

  • Induction Heating Furnace

The Heating Furnace is supplied by the Medium Frequency Static Converters and is made up of the Heating Inductor and the Medium Frequency Capacitors Batteries with the appropriate waterelectric  equipment.

  • Medium Frequency Static Converters
  • Capacitors Bank
  • Bus Bars Set for connecting Capacitors/Inductor-Converter/Capacitors
  • Transformer
  • Roller Group
  • Optical Pyrometers Group


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