ESR – Electro Slag Remelting Plant



ESR – Electro Slag Remelting Plant

ESR is a secondary refining process
  • Submerge Electrode meltes in Slag ( molten film as in VAR)
  • Melt drip through slag
  • Oxides being separated
  • Metal / sla reactons ( desulphurisation)
  • So directional solididifaction from bottom to top

High-quality materials pruduction.
Oxides are detrimental to premium quality melted alloys.
Electroslag Remelting (ESR) is used widely throughout the specialty metals industry.

The electroslag remelting process (ESR) is important because it provides better control of the solidification microstructure and chemical homogeneity; it also enables greater cleanliness and better mechanical properties.

Nowadays, steelmaking technology enables the production
of high-purity steel melts. However, during ingot
casting the reoxidation of the melt occurs, thus increasing
the inclusion content. Segregations on the macro and
micro scales are also characteristic for ingot casting.
These cause anisotropy in the mechanical properties of
the steel. The ESR process almost completely removes
the macro-segregation phenomenon in heavy steel
ingots, thus ensuring a more homogeneous chemical
composition and a finer microstructure with fewer and
more evenly distributed non-metallic inclusions than in
cast ingots.

The ESR process is based on an electrical current
running via an electrode through the molten slag and

Due to the high electrical resistance of the slag,
the slag heats up and melts. The consumable electrode is
immersed in the liquid slag where the slag heat gradually
melts the tip of the electrode. Liquefied steel is dripping from the electrode tip and is refined when passing
through the liquid slag, with oxides and sulphur being
bound in the slag. After passing through the slag, the
steel cools down and solidifies again into a remelted
ingot.3,4 The whole remelting process takes place in a
water-cooled copper mould, which allows the remelted
ingot to solidify quickly and very uniformly.

The ESR process is suitable for high-quality materials
such as:
• steel ball bearings, steel rollers, tool steels, wearresistant
steels for low and high working temperatures,
high-speed steels for high performance,
• highly alloyed stainless steels, corrosion- and acidresistant
steels and steels for high-temperature
• steels for aviation and aerospace technology, for
medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries,
• Ni superalloys, Ti and Zr alloys for aerospace, medical
and chemical industry, components,
• off-shore, power and aerospace engineering, reactor

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