Less Operation and High Calcium Efficiency

Cored Wire                     

Appliacation      /   Typical wire types and applications            

Ca Pure calcium Our solution to ultra high calcium yields
Conventional Wire with high Calcium yields
CaSi Calcium-silicon Inclusion modification and castability
CaFe Calcium-iron Low silicon steel modification
AlCaFe Aluminium-calcium-iron High recovery modification
FeTi Ferrotitanium Microalloying and deoxidisation
S Sulphur Re-sulphurising of engineering steels
FeB Ferroboron Microalloying
C Carbon Trimming addition
Mg Magnesium Desulphurisation and nodularisation
NOC Ferrosilicon inoculant FeSi and rare earth for late inoculation
CaCN2 Calcium cyanamide Adding nitrogen to steels

Many other grades available on customer request.


All coils are available in either vertical   or horizontal presentation, and up

to 1200mm in width. Other inner diameters are available on request.

Wire diameters             

Nominal 9 mm for Pure-Cal high yield cored wire

Industry standard 13 mm and 16 mm for conventional cored wires

Smaller sizes for foundry applications available

Other diameters available on specific request

Typical diameter : density relationship by product (grams/metre)

Product Description 4mm 5mm 9mm 13mm  16mm
Pure-Cal Pure Calcium 60
CaSi 110 Calcium-silicon 16 25 110 225 330
CaFe Calcium-iron 122 250 365
AlCaFe Aluminium-calcium-iron 200 300
FeTi Ferrotitanium 25 40 165 370 570
S Sulphur 190 280
FeB Ferroboron 30 45 200 550 825
C Carbon
Mg Magnesium 10 15 60 140 210
NOC Ferrosilicon inoculant 18 27 110 240

All products could be colour coded to customer specification.

artWire by ATS Metalurji


Packaging can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs

and we are happy to discuss specific requirements on request.

However, in most cases, ATS Metalurji wires will be supplied

in coiled packages as described below.

Length I.D O.D Width
(metres) (mm) (mm) (mm)
5900 720 1200 820


  • Guaranteed and repeatable ultra high calcium yield
  • Improved processing times
  • Significantly lower processing costs
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